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Winning a songwriting competition can do wonderful things for your career. It can put your music in front of people who want to hear it. It can introduce you to colleagues who will become friends for a lifetime. It can put you on stages that you've been aching to perform on...

But here's the thing: when I started submitting my songs to all these singer-songwriter contests, I spent SO. MUCH. TIME on just the research alone!

It was so aggravating to arrive on a new website only to find out that the contest was no longer around or the deadline already passed or it didn't apply to my genre or wouldn't allow me to submit as a professional musician (or some obscure reason.) 

Putting your songs "out there" is hard enough as it is, why make it harder?!

Skip the scrolling! Don't go through what I've gone through. Let's get you back to writing your best song yet!

I'm rooting for you!

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How soon do I get my spreadsheet?: Immediately! After subscribing to your first year of quarterly updates, you'll receive an instant welcome email with a link to the most recent version of all 50+ US & International Songwriting Competitions.
Are there refunds?: Due to the nature of downloadable digital products, we can't offer refunds. (That would be like Spotify offering a refund on their monthly subscription.) However, if you have suggestions or improvement requests, we want to hear them!
Why are you offering this?: I'm a songwriter. I love my songwriter friends and I know that "a rising tide lifts all boats!" If I can help you save literally hours and hours of time hunting for opportunities to advance your career, then AWESOME!
What's included?: Your purchase grant you immediate access to a spreadsheet with over 50+ songwriting competitions and quarterly emailed updates. Each listed opportunity has submission deadline, rules of entry, registration fees, winner announcement details, contest prize info and any listed finalist performance dates. You'll be able to sort through each one super quick!
How frequently are updates emailed?: Every August, November, February, and May you'll get an email with the updated songwriting competition opportunities and any upcoming submission deadlines.


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